Green Space plans to partner with Common Wealth and Private Municipal Services to create a more clean and stable environment, for the residents of Philadelphia. Hundreds upon thousands of visitors tour the historic areas of the city of brotherly love and see a generally clean city, but the perimeter of these tourist areas are littered with trash. Boarded up buildings and distressed neighborhoods keep some parts of our community in a continual state of emergency.

Municipal services of Philadelphia have their hands full, with trash removal, fixing vandalism, abandoned buildings that have no caretakers,  constant issues at street level and government levels, an infrastructure that is always being used and suffering wear and tear.

GSCDC is a Community Development Corporation that is focused on Environmental Conservation and Beautification. Our Directors are aware of the issues per neighborhood all over the city. We are not limited to one area or one demographic as an organization or as citizens. We do not cater to any one group of “like minded” people or any ethnic groups, or people that share the same zip code. Green Space is defined by its name. We are not dedicated to the recovery of any specific area, or type of group or organization. Green Space was founded in and serves Pennsylvania, and has an initial focus on The City Of Philadelphia.